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Carbon Contribution

Help restore environmental balance by reducing carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Your Carbon Checkout contributions are invested directly…

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1/2oz Inert Practice Defensive Spray

Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Sprays The sprays below use water instead of pepper spray. They are pressurized with nitrogen. Their purpose is to…

$14.00 $4.00
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1/2 oz. 18% Wildfire Pepper Pen

Wildfire Pepper Pen 18% 1/2 oz. Designed to repel attackers, this powerful Wildfire formula is contained inside a handy pen-like unit. The 18 % Wildfire…

$20.95 $10.95
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10% Mace Pepper Gel Maritime Spray

PEPPER GEL MARITIME is an ideal product for personal defense on boats – whether on the water or docked at a marina – because the thick formula limits…

$69.95 $59.95
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